Positive Culture

Thank you for considering being part of this list. It is my main medium of communication. Right now, I will inform you about our collective dairy orders through Organic Foods but in the future, I might also use the same venue for other projects I have in mind (Playgroup, Ultimate Frisbee, bulk buying as a group). Don't worry, you'll be given the option to opt in or out of the list, or to participate in some things and not others. It is all developing from scratch so I might stuff it up every now and then, please accept my apologies in advance if this happens. However, rest assure that I strive to do things as best as possible. 

I WILL NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS TO ANYBODY!! However I do ask for them in case I need to contact you personally and urgently and also to have a bit more of an insight into the demographics of these projects. 
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